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18 Average temperature
range for July
Distance from hotel Time* KM
Irlam FC 25 ' 15
Airport 25 ' 14
Host City Stadium 15 ' 6
*Estimations are approximate and subject to local traffic conditions
The Lowry Hotel is an iconic five star hotel in Manchester with a large sprinkling of the extraordinary. It delivers a tangible sense of something a bit different from the moment you step through our polished glass doors.
Training Ground
Total inventory: 165 Reserved rooms: 50
Size: m2 Total inventory: Included in package:
Meeting ROOMS
Total number of meeting rooms: Included in package: 5
Size: m2
Local Info Manchester

Diverse, energetic and bursting with character, Manchester was the birthplace of the industrial revolution. The city has a proud history in science, politics, music, arts and is famous for its football teams. The city centre is jam-packed with unique and eclectic restaurants, bars, shops, museums, galleries and hotels.

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